"Most individuals translate yoga into people wrapped up like a pretzel. That is not the case, however. There are many different levels and types of yoga, from basic to advanced. It is often misinterpreted and many do not know that it is an ancient healing art. The word "yoga" means "union with the Divine." It was actually developed in India over 5,000 years ago and was developed to allow the mind and body to spiritually connect, creating a unity with oneself.

I feel like I have found the cure to overall health. I have witnessed some amazing things during my practice and I can't stress enough how incredible these classes will make you feel. You will be better from the inside out in every way. Your actual appearance will change, and you will feel great because you are understanding your true self better.

Yoga has been known to regulate your hormones, improve your skin, improve your memory, and even increase your immunity to degenerative diseases. Practicing yoga routinely will only enhance your discoveries during your journey of life, as well as show you the way to eternally experience enlightenment, good health, strength, and relaxation."

Tina Janssen


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